• Episode 8: Let Us Entertain You

    With entertainment venues, sports palaces and gambling casinos touted as tonics for drowsy downtowns, we explore attempts to inject excitement and energy into city centers from coast to coast.


    No Business Like Show Business
    We evaluate efforts in three cities where entertainment zones often attract throngs of people to the streets after dark. Is this the city as theme park or are urban centers just returning to their traditional roles as people gathering places in both public and private spaces?

    • Playhouse Square: Cleveland
    • Everything’s Up to Date: Kansas City
    • LA LIVE: Los Angeles

    Runs, Hits and Errors
    With sports venues playing an ever greater role in city centers, we get game and drop in on three cities who have bet big on new stadiums. We ask if cities strike out when taking the pitch for these play fields or are those swinging for the fences hitting the long ball and scoring big for their city’s future?

    • Gateway to Heaven/Mistake on the Lake: Cleveland
    • Fields of Dreams: Indianapolis
    • On Target: Minneapolis

    Betting Big
    As cities look to hit the jackpot with casinos as economic drivers, we deal with three experiences at the municipal gambling table in search of winners and losers.

    • Hat Trick: Detroit
    • Rollin’ on the River: New Orleans
    • Sweet and Sour: Philadelphia