• Episode 2: Living Downtown

    Focusing on the most important element in creating vibrant downtowns — people living in the heart of the city — we meet residents in new neighborhoods, learn about the importance of schools in attracting families and celebrate the transformation of formerly forgotten spaces into desirable places.


    We highlight two cities that have dramatically enlivened their urban centers by attracting tens of thousands of new residents to live in the heart of town and evaluate how a third is working on attracting new residents. Through the eyes of city residents, we weigh the pros and cons of their decisions to live in and around downtown.

    • War and Peace: Boston
    • Loop Dreams: Chicago
    • Petro Metro: Houston

    School Daze
    Good proximate schools are imperative if a city center is to attract a full spectrum of residents from young to old. We look at how two cities have used schools as magnets to attract families downtown while a third city’s promise is still stuck in detention.

    • Teachers Village: Newark
    • Omission Bay: San Francisco
    • Will They Come?: Vancouver

    We drop in on three neighborhoods once to be avoided that are now fully functioning communities serving a wide spectrum of residents.

    • Centennial Place: Atlanta
    • Over-the-Rhine: Cincinnati
    • Regents Park: Toronto