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How did Birmingham’s Railroad Park become the city’s front lawn? Meet the people who transformed an industrial site into a popular green space that has spurred 1,500 new residences, a minor league ballpark and a supermarket.

How did a ragtag bunch of artists and hippies block the proposed Crosstown Expressway that would have obliterated South Street in Philadelphia?

How has homelessness become a national crisis? We dive into the roots of the problem in Los Angeles and look at some solutions making a difference.
Empty downtowns. But is this a permanent situation? As work from home extends its stay, how many of these offices, hotels, stores, restaurants and entertainment venues will be re-occupied and when?
How did the simple streetlight become an instrument of surveillance? Under the label of “Smart Cities” – meaning Big Data – cities can now watch, track and identify ordinary people in ways George Orwell could never imagine.

How can cities preserve cultural continuity despite neighborhood change? Join us as we learn about famed playwright August Wilson and explore efforts to restore his boyhood home in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, a storied community once numbering 55,000, now down to only about 9,000.

Where did redevelopment get it right? Explore how Philadelphia’s pioneering Yorktown neighborhood promoted Black home ownership in the heart of the city.

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